Wine news from Grafton to Newcastle and overseas, 15 July, Dr. Elinor Garely  

Historical article in the sense it starts at the beginning 1788,  read in full here reviews for

Torreck [Torbrek] Vintners. The Struie Barossa Valley Shiraz. 2013

Tahbilk Nagambie Lakes Shiraz 2012.

Wakefied St. Andrews Clare Valley Shiraz 2013 

Newcastle Herald, 19 July, John Lewis 

Interesting story of Atsuko Radcliffe and how she came to have her own Denman-based Small Forest brand she is unique as the only Japanese winemaker in Australia and an international sake judge. Full story  

Grape Expectations 15 July Max Crus (Simon Hughes)

At some point in the week these reviews and article will appear in The Daily Examiner (Grafton), Border Mail (Albury), Rotary Down Under (National) and Australian Petroleum Marketer News (National)

“Well, aren’t Coles and Woolies good corporate citizens, getting rid of plastic bags?  

Actually, they’re crap corporate citizens.   

They’ve known the damage done by plastic bags for decades –  I don’t wish to brag (okay, I do), but I haven’t used plastic bags at supermarkets for 25 years and if I knew, surely with the vast marketing budget of the Good Corporate Citizen Departments of the grocery giants, they knew back in 1992 too.  

So, did they not spend enough money on being good corporate citizens or did they not follow their own department’s advice? Can’t have it both ways, boys…”  

Pig In The House Organic Cabernet Sauvignon 2015, $25. Organic wines tend to have a certain air about them, much like Paris bistro wines. I’m happy to be taken back, but this is way in front of Paris pleb’ plonk.  8.8/10.  

Pig In The House Organic Chardonnay 2016, $25. It is hard to ignore my own house whenever a bottle of this arrives on the doorstep, but do I really need another reminder? 8.7/10.  

(de bortoli) la boheme Yarra Valley Cuvee Blanc, NV, $20. A tribute to the de Bortoli girls from their mum, it is fitting that Ms L. took it into her own hands to pour another glass, testimony that there is something going on here. Have it with antipasto by Puccini. 8.9/10.  

de Bortoli La Bossa Merlot 2016, $10. You could be forgiven thinking de Bortoli founder Vittorio’s affectionate name for his childhood sweetheart meant she was the boss, but it might also mean the ‘purse’. Win win for Vittorio and merlot lovers. 8.8/10.  

Elderton Eden Valley Chardonnay 2016, $23. The song ‘Taking it easy’ springs to mind with this. It is an easy chardonnay to enjoy. 8.6/10.  

Elderton Neil Ashmead Grand Tourer Barossa Valley Shiraz, 2015, $45. Elderton should make a gear knob in the shape of a screw cap like this bottle has, to screw onto your gear stick and sell it in their cellar door…maybe they do? 9.4/10., 18 July, Andrea Frost 

Several months ago, I was tasting wine in a Melbourne restaurant when my thoughts turned to that of our national character. What makes Australian wine Australian? Find out here, 19 July, Laura Burgess 

Australian Chardonnay offers another perspective, and it’s not Yellow Tail. While closer to California in style, many of these wines come from cool regions like the Margaret River and Hunter Valley, where winemakers are focusing on finesse instead of bold, buttery flavours. Full article

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