The wines of Yangarra and underpants

The Vindicator, 28 March, Brian Fry

I was particularly impressed by what I saw at Yangarra Winery, and I had the incredible opportunity to interview and taste with their winemaker, Peter Fraser, who won the 2016 Australian Winemaker of the Year Award. Full article

Grape Expectations 18 February Max Crus (Simon Hughes)

At some point in the week these reviews and article will appear in The Daily Examiner (Grafton), Border Mail (Albury), Rotary Down Under (National) and Australian Petroleum Marketer News (National) 

No place for old undies…or wine.

Wine cellars are like undie drawers.

Both are dark and cool (depending on what brands you buy) but the similarities go much deeper and I only just realised this when foraging at the back of said drawer for my passport recently. That’s where everyone keeps their passport…isn’t it?

Anyway, I found a brand new pair of undies, a birthday or Christmas gift circa 2003. I had them carbon dated and verified by fashionista Ms L…”They’re daggy”.

Who would have thought undies had a ‘use by’ date anyway?

It’s not that the style was so repugnant that even though no-one would ever see them in situ I refused to wear them, notwithstanding some few unfortunate family members would, while paramedics also may have in the event of an accident – remember what Mum said? – but that wasn’t why I didn’t wear them.

I haven’t worn them for 14 years because of a terrible first world problem…I have so many pairs that even if I didn’t wash for weeks (and I do not mean to imply an unsavoury duration of wear for each pair that I did don) they never got the call up, or pull up in this case.

As an ardent greenie this is very embarrassing and it’s time someone devised a system by which your undies are rotated…and I don’t mean just putting on a fresh pair each day if you don’t already…or more frequently for toddlers (ummm, and the elderly).

I have the same problem with wine. While my cellar is fairly well organised, although perhaps not quite Dewey Decimal, wines in each section are stacked on top of one another and the bottom ones risk being forgotten.

Disturbingly I recently discovered wines on the bottom that have been there as long as my undies and are close to going off…not unlike my undies.

But the solution is simple : when you have your annual spring clean, change your smoke alarm batteries and turn your mattress over, you could also turn over your undie drawers and your wine cellars on the same day and avoid having your nose rubbed in them by your partner.

However that makes a very busy day, so perhaps the spring clean, batteries and mattress could wait.

d’Arenberg The Dead Arm Shiraz 2013, $65. Something of an Aussie icon, like Kingswoods and outdoor dunnies, this is about the same price as the former and a lot more savoury than the latter. 9/10.

d’Arenberg The Ironstone Pressings Grenache Shiraz Mourvèdre 2013, $65. Ironstone is the natural enemy of grapes and their metabolic opposite so it’s funny how they go together so nicely. 9.2/10.

Bowen Estate Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon 2015, $34. 2015 sounds so young for a cabernet, and it is, but as Ms L says, “you have to wait for delayed gratification”, and who’s got time for that? 9.1/10.

Bowen Estate Coonawarra Shiraz 2015, $34. For some reason one doesn’t feel the same level of guilt drinking young shiraz, which is a relief for Catholics particularly. 8.8/10.

Tim Adams Clare Valley Semillon 2014, $24. This is a middle child, bit too young or a bit too old, not quite oaky enough or perhaps too oaky, kind of the opposite of Goldilocks. 8.5/10.

Tim Adams (Clare Valley) The Fergus (Shiraz/Cabernet) 2014, $24. Alas I had opened this bottle before I even thought of sharing this with Fergus around the corner, I’m sure he would have got a kick out of it, now I will. Dang. 8.8/10.




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